Posted on: February 4, 2014

When I stumbled upon this minimalist-styled Minneapolis apartment, I was a bit taken aback. It was as if my Pinterest inspiration and personal preferences had collided and the end result was Madelynn Furlong's home. What I love most about the overall aesthetic is that it looks and feels effortless—a carefully curated combination of wood, texture, and art, functionally styled with minimalism in mind. I really enjoy finding homes that bare a clean aesthetic yet seem well lived-in. Every corner of the apartment breathes, "come relax or be creative here" and that's exactly the kind of vibe I also want to create for our future home.

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+ This cozy house tour has me dreaming about vacation rentals in my most favorite city on earth.

Image Credit: Wing Ta for The EVERYGIRL


  1. I love it! Except for the bedroom. What happened there?

  2. Isn't is perfectly airy? I think that bedroom is actually a guest room - I like how she tried to utilize the space as functionally as possible! Thanks for stopping by! xx


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